Harmony between honey bees & humans

Site Management

Have a location where you’d like to sponsor a hive or hives in a place that you’d like managed? We're always exploring new partnerships that help the honey bee!

Educational Opportunities

We'll come and share with your group!   Learn about the many fascinating facts about the honey bees, creating pollinator friendly gardens, photographing bees, and more.  

Honey Bee Encounter

This one of a kind experience allows participants to learn about honey bees and then suit up and join us in the apiary! 

New Hive Installation

Ready to get started with your own hive, but need a little help or assurance to get going?  We have the knowledge and tools to get your bees started on the right wing.

Personalized Products

Want to customize your Langstroth hive with a logo or name or add a safe viewing window to watch your girls at work? We can add these to your apiary.


We help relocate hives that are easy to access and endangering people and the bees.

Watch our master beekeeper, Ed Erwin, accidentally hit a bee in mid-air with a hive tool. 

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Inquiries about ways you can partner with Bee Harmony, find out about our projects, and contact us.

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